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While I’m in no shape to tell you how to get the perfect bikini body (Lord knows I’ve never even had a 2-pack), I am your girl to help get your closet in shape for summer with my #topshelffly challenge! ….Let us know how the challenge is going for you. Feel free to reach out with questions or if you need a little support while doing the challenge.


fix your credit personal budget

It took me 7 years of impulse purchases driven by conspicuous consumption to ruin my credit. However, with this annual weekly budget, I was able to turn things around and improve my FICO credit score by over 150 points in only one year!


making time for what matters

This week we are diving a little deeper into the topic of values and discussing re-prioritizing them into our schedules….Once we define our values and select ways to take action on them, where do we find extra time to fit them into our already busy schedules?


The Enough Stuff Challenge (10)

There are so many methods out there for organizing your schedule and/or to-do’s that it can quickly become overwhelming. Just do a quick Pinterest search and you’ll see what I mean….Here is an overview of a few different methods for getting your schedule whipped into shape!


The Enough Stuff Challenge

If you haven’t already found a challenge/resolution for 2018 you should do The Enough Stuff Challenge . Even if you do have your resolutions set, still check this out- it’s a good one. I’m not too big on new years resolutions but have enjoyed doing this challenge over the last 6 months so I wanted to share with you all