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I’ve always had a thing for organizing and color coordination. As a child I would re-arrange my furniture and re-decorate when I couldn’t sleep at night. Plans for my elementary birthday parties would begin at least 6 months in advance including lists of potential guests, supplies and activities (the guest list of course was subject to change if someone didn’t act right). Friends and family have always complimented how organized I am.

I was in for a big shock when I started my first corporate job post college. After years of being admired for my organizational skills, I was suddenly and constantly criticized and talked down to for my lack of organization (of all things!). To keep it real, I took it personally at first. After being all up in my feelings for a minute, I decided the best way to prove myself was to improve myself. I chose to focus on my weakness until it became my strength.

Although my time in that particular role was brief (as I chose to leave and pursue a more fulfilling career path), I utilized that time to learn and try as many different organization techniques as possible. Since then, I have continued to expand my knowledge & implementation of organization in all aspects of my life. I am by no means an expert, but enjoy learning and sharing with others.

 My lowkey OCD tendencies and inherent Virgo nature keep me striving for perfection. I am always looking for ways to improve spaces by designing with intention.

After discovering the freedom brought about by minimizing various aspects of my life, I enjoy sharing this blessing with others. There is power in purposeful possessions.

Welcome to my world- I hope it adds a little love and harmony to yours!





+ Eat half, walk double, laugh triple, love without measure

+ Lean not on your own understanding

+ Fear only exists if you are not in harmony with yourself



+ Born & raised in sunny Southern California

+Bonafied Beach Bum

+Hippy at heart

+I love my bulldogs!

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