DIY Halloween Decorations

I don’t always decorate for the holidays but when I do, I go as cheap as possible. I’m talking 99 cents cheap. Today on the blog I’m also talking dollar store DIY’s that are low cost and easy to enhance your home this Halloween.  I am a strong believer that you shouldn’t have to go broke to enjoy the holidays with your friends and family.


Spider Web Windows

Let’s start with something stupid simple- tape. All this DIY takes is tape. You can attach a fake spider as illustrated below for added effect.

[ Photo via The Pin Junkie ]


Spooky Center Pieces

Most of the supplies for this set up can be found at your local dollar store. They can be used as center pieces or placed on counter tops, ledges and even staircases.

[ Photo via The Pin Junkie ]


Spider Stamped Plates

As long as it won’t spoil anyones appetite, these spider stamped plates are a fun way to add a little spooky factor to dinner time (be if for an event or an average week night meal).

[ Photo via Better Homes & Gardens ]


Slithering Entryway

This one seriously gives me the creeps and would make me flinch to walk up to but is a quick and easy way to add a little halloween fun for guests and passerbys. All it takes is a few toy snakes and spray paint!

[ Photo via Better Homes & Gardens ]


Ghost Candles

This one is super cheap and cheesy but makes me giggle, their little faces are so expressive.

DIY Ghost Candles

[ Photo via Thoughtfully Simple ]


Pumpkin Topiary

Although I didn’t know what a topiary was, I now love them! It’s a simple decor piece that adds a touch of sophistication and spookiness. I suggest using it at the front door but it can work well indoors also.

[ Photo via The Kim 6 Fix ]


Trash Bag Spider Webs

I always see those cotton spider webs everywhere that people spread on their bushes and instantly think how much of a pain they must be to clean up. These webs made from trash bags look great and make for much easier cleaning.

DIY Halloween decor using trashbags! So easy and cheap. (fun video tutorial and step-by-step photos). Fast Forward Fun

[ Photo via Fast Forward Fun ]


Boo Door Hanger

This is an easy peasy  way to enhance your front door or entryway.

[ Photo via Hunters of Happiness ]

Bat Bonanza

This one is just so cute and simple it sings to my inner minimalist. The best part is it only requires two supplies: paper and scissors!

[ Photo via Made Every Day ]


Talk Dirty

You can pretty much take this one and run with it using any horror movie line, catch phrase or scary sayings that you like. Additional examples include: “I know what you did, last summer”, “Watch your back”, “Flush or Die”, etc.

Homemade Halloween props

[ Photo via Family Finds Fun ]


Main Area Makeover

Select one area of your home to decorate. It allows guest to focus on and admire this one section and limits the overall amount of DIY and decorating you need to do as well as clean up when the holiday is over! This mantel is a perfect example of how to pick a decorative focul point and leave the rest of your home as is.


30 Inspiring DIY Halloween Decorations

[ Photo via Architecture Art Designs ]


Have a DIY decoration you’d like to share with us? Did you give one of these a try?

Post your

DIY Halloween Decor

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so we can see your great work!!

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