5 Ways to Organize Ourselves

When we think of organizing, we often imagine things in our home or life that we need to be more functional. However, I think one of the most important things to organize is ourselves. So that’s where we’ll start!

There are so many methods out there for organizing your schedule and/or to-do’s that it can quickly become overwhelming. Just do a quick Pinterest search and you’ll see what I mean. The bad news is there’s no easy answer or one system that is inherently better than the other. The good news is there’s no easy answer or one system that is inherently better than the other. This means there’s no “right way” to organize yourself. It’s just a matter of finding the approach that best suits your lifestyle and needs, which may change overtime.

Here is an overview of a few different methods for getting your schedule whipped into shape that have worked well for either myself or close friends.


Bullet Journal 

If you’re new to bullet journals you can find more info on the basic concept here. I’m a little old school and like to have hard copies of books, write things down and highlight/check them off. So I decided to give the bullet journal a try several months ago. I always enjoyed having a planner in school and this seemed like the perfect grown up version of that.

What I Liked                                               What it Lacked

– Monthly log/ overview of to-do’s                                     -Set-up is time consuming

-Physical writing                                                                    -Requires continual page set up

-Visual satisfaction of checking off items                         -Manually labor intensive

-Like journaling but less writing 🙂


gmail pic

Google Calendar 

I’m pretty sure we all know what Google is. If you have an email account with them you can use the Google calendar and link it between devices. I have mine on my cell phone, tablet and computer.

What I Liked                                               What it Lacked

-Accessible on all of my devices/anywhere                             -If my phone dies I’m screwed!

-Add tasks in notes of meetings, work shift, etc.                    –

-Cut/Paste unfinished tasks & relocate

Habit Tracker

A habit tracker is essentially a grid or checklist of some form that helps you keep track of positive habits that you want to continue or build on in your daily life.

This is the perfect place to add any activities that you say are important in your life but you never seem to have time to do. Think about your values and priorities (family, charity, spirituality, health, fitness, education, etc.). Now look at your current schedule. Are all of those items included in your day to day? Odds are probably not. Most of the things we claim to care about tend to get put on the back burner until the weekend or the 12th of Neverary.

What I Liked                                               What it Lacked

-list=rewriting daily makes me mindful of completing      -tedious to recreate all the time

-grid format = visual summary of progress @ end of week




Evernote is life! I seriously don’t know how I kept all my thoughts together without it. I used to have sticky notes everywhere to try to capture every thought that came to mind about work, family, dogs, exercising, blogging, health. My desk and purse were full of sticky notes.

I also love it for my grocery and Target shopping lists. I keep a standard list of all the items I typically purchase and before shopping take a quick peak around the house and add a check box to the items I need to buy on this trip. It may seem insignificant but it does wonders for keeping me from splurging on sweets and on staying on budget!

What I Liked                                               What it Lacked

-Accessible on all of my devices/anywhere                                       -is not a scheduling tool

-Ability to create various “notebooks”

-Easily organize various compartments of life in one place

-no more sticky notes!



Attitude of Gratitude 

Maybe you already have a scheduling system that works for you and have mastered your to-do list. If that’s the case-Congratulations! Don’t feel the need to switch to one of the methods mentioned above, no need to fix what isn’t broken right?

However, no matter how well scheduled your days are, we could all be a little more mindful. Incorporating a daily gratitude practice can help you be more intentional.

Here are a few ways you can practice gratitude:

  • Gratitude Stone
    • Go for a walk somewhere pretty and pick out a stone. Using a paint marker, write a word on it (peace, gratitude, love, harmony, etc.) Keep it in your pocket, purse, desk, or car. Every time you see/touch it, mentally say something positive about yourself, that day or that you are thankful for. 
  • Gratitude Journal
    • Get a journal or notebook of some kind. At the end of the day jot down 3 bullets of things about the day that made you happy or you are thankful for
  • Gratitude Jar
    • Get a big mason jar and note cards. At the end of each day write down something positive about the day and drop it in the jar. It’s fun to read through the notes at the end of the year or when you are feeling down.

As you use whichever approach best suits you, you will inevitably start to notice a pattern. Take note of the activities and people that consistently bring you joy and make more time for them!

Give it a try and let us know how these tips work for you in the comments below 🙂

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