5 Small Space Organization Tips

For anyone living in a small space (whatever that may mean to you),  one of the daily struggles is feeling like there’s never enough space for all of your stuff. Everything seems to be in your face all the time right?

Here are a few tips to quickly go from a cramped casita to a serene space:

1. Incorporate storage into your design as much as possible.
Bookshelves are an easy and affordable way to provide more storage. It also allows you to showcase some of your nicer pieces while hiding others. Decorative baskets, boxes and bins are great ways to keep your goods easily accessible. I love them because they always give more storage, less eye sore.
2. Beautify your storage.
Here are a few examples of creative storage.
This old paint bucket was transformed into a fun food container for my pups with just a little tape and spray paint! Much better bargain than options at the pet store which usually start at $40.
Do you also use the rafters in your garage to store holiday and other items? This can easily be covered with outdoor bamboo fencing, nails & a hammer.
Using standard scrapbook paper on cube bookshelves is one of my personal favorite hacks. They can be used either as a backdrop or in the front to cover the contents within. I use decorative thumb tacks from Michael’s for the ones in front to add a little glam. Another great feature is that you can change up your décor to fit your growing style anytime by simply replacing them with new pages that personify your current theme.
3The ceilings the limit!
Take advantage of vertical space -it brings your guests attention up and makes the space feel much larger than it is. 
4. Bring the outdoors in
Highlight and use natural lighting and/or plants where possible. If you need a little dose of harmony in your room checkout these 5 plants to help you sleep better
5.  Don’t forget your ABC’s! 
 We all had to suffer through the forced memorization of mantras at entry level service jobs. Be it in fast food,  movie theatres,  a restaurant or a hotel. The one that stuck with me is Always Be Cleaning (ABC).
The key to keeping your space inviting is to always declutter.  Keeping things tidy and in place may seem like a daunting chore, especially if you have kids, but I find it easier to maintain my sanity in a small space when its orderly. To get into the habit start small by pausing a few minutes a day to pick up a little,  5 minutes goes a long way!


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